Under the Covers: Qup.tv’s Technology Stack

In case you were curious how Qup.tv was built, here’s a quick rundown of the technology behind it:

  • Sinatra is the main application layer and serves up all of the web content.
  • MongoDB stores user and title information. MongoMapper is the ODM that connects it to Ruby.
  • Redis stores usage statistics and worker queue info.
  • Sidekiq handles fast, concurrent worker processing.
  • Pony delivers the mail using SendGrid.
  • Nokogiri parses the Netflix RSS feed of new releases
  • Faraday performs the HTTP fetching of API calls from Netflix and RottenTomatoes.
  • OmniAuth handles the Netflix authentication with omniauth-netflix doing the specific heavy lifting.
  • Sprockets handles the asset pipeline powering the compilation of Coffeescript, SASS, Compass and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Heroku hosts the service on the best platform around.
  • Unicorn provides speed and concurrency on a single Heroku dyno.

It’s amazing both how much can be accomplished in 24 hours and how large the list of tools and libraries can grow in that short of time.